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Product Development

With over 30 years experience, our specialist product development team will work with you to turn your specifications into quality products. We guarantee the highest standards of service, with strong emphasis on meeting your expectations, testing and quality.

Application Development

Our digital design teams are fully conversant in web applications, Cloud-based applications or even PC-based software, and have broad experience across many industries. Our approach is to fully understand your business first, then deliver a quality solution on time and on budget.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications on smart phones are becoming business critical in many industries. We can design for most common platforms, such as Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Java ME etc, and link them with your devices, web applications or cloud platforms.


To take your product to market requires a clear understanding of the manufacturing process to ensure high quality and reliability. As part of our complete design service, we can set up your manufacturing from low, medium to high volumes either local or offshore as appropriate.

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Very pleased with the service we received from Mesh-Net. They are very experienced and quickly found a solution for our individual needs and requirements. Adrian

Chief Executive

From over 35 years experience of innovative design we know our company success is only as strong as the expertise and commitment of our partners for their technical design, manufacture and supply. Mesh-Net have proven themselves to be at the cutting-edge of RF innovation and are prepared to go the ‘extra-mile’ to support the bespoke requirements of individual applications. Cameron

Managing Director

We have been impressed with Mesh-Net’s capabilities, facilities and portfolio as well as their friendly and professional attitude. We have found the team to be focused, motivated and very well organised Mark

Managing Director

After 15 years experience in AMR installation, I can say that Mesh-Net technical solutions and support are above standard. Together with our client, we prepared a test site to compare them against competitor products with a number of difficult to read installations, and Mesh-Net systems outperformed the competition. Their technical support on both pre-sales and after sales, is very fast and competent. Roberto


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