Not quite Line of Sight Test (869 Mhz LoRa)

What started off as a Line of Sight (LoS) range test for our LoRa transmitters, soon became not quite LoS as we ran out of room.

So we decided to keep on going…

Through bushes – LoRa signal getting through without a problem. 🙂

Under the A13 – still working 🙂

Top of Marsh Way bridge, approximate distance to receiver 600m (not LoS) – still working 🙂

Bottom of Marsh Way bridge, approximate distance to receiver 750m (not quite LoS) – still working 🙂

We kept on going until we reached Walden Avenue, now over 1km away from the receiver – and our LoRa transmitter still works! 🙂

The LoRa transmitter’s RF signal was getting through this built up residential area plus a hill to get back to the receiver at our office. Going further down this road is when we started experiencing signal loss.

Wow, that is some amazing performance from a battery powered transmitter on 869 Mhz.

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