BluMesh® is Mesh-Net’s new proprietary Bluetooth5 MESH networking protocol developed for Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications including Smart Buildings, Lighting, Metering, Wireless sensor networks, Renewable Energy, Data Centres, Remote Monitoring, Industrial and Home automation.

BluMesh is


Utilising the newly released larger data packets in Bluetooth5, BluMesh provides not only the ability to build large sensor networks but also minimise the developers headache in developing the networking strategy for their sensors. 

Simple to use and deploy

Developers can now focus on the business needs and leave all the complicated mesh networking setup, data transporting and control on BluMesh.  
BluMesh is available on Mesh-Net’s own Bluetooth5 module or can be provided on other off the shelf modules such as the Laird BL654.


BluMesh has multi layered security built in. Separate network keys and application keys with end to end data encryption using industry standard AES-128. Capability to remotely refresh keys mitigates against trash can attacks.


Propagate data through hundreds or thousands of nodes. BluMesh allows for dense and large scale deployments in the most challenging enviroments.


With every node in the network capable of communicating with every other node, builds in network redundancy with no single point of failure.

BluMesh Software

  • Visualise your network with packet tracing
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Simple API Commands

BluMesh Evaluation Kit

The BluMesh Evaluation Kit allows for quick and easy evaluation of BluMesh mesh networking technology for your application.

The BluMesh Eval Kit has the following sensors onboard:

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • 3 Push Buttons
  • 5 LEDs

Developers can quickly get familiar with the easy API commands to configure and test their mesh network. Option to write code for the micro or communicate directly with the BluMesh module via USB.

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