Business Analytics (BA) is probably the most common terminology used in business today.  It generally refers to collecting data within the business to help visualize their performance and make data driven decisions on improvements.  It is a cyclic process of continuous improvement.

Mesh-Net have been involved with a number of clients in developing Renewable Business Analytic (RBA) applications for their renewable business. The following key improvements were realised:

Reporting Efficiency

Improvement in reporting efficiency within the business. Reports, such as Performance Ratio (PR) and PV inverter availability, were automatically generated within a few minutes instead of days it took personnel to manually generate them.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Performance monitoring of the Assets

Accurate Billing

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Feed in Tariff (FIT) billing management.

Reporting Accuracy

Improve the accuracy of the data being reported. Automatic data collection minimised errors in manual reading and reporting.


Reporting problem sites almost immediately and protecting clients return on investment (ROI)


Managing Service Level Agreements with different performance guarantees and fault resolution times.

Workforce Management

Engineers deployed to problem sites efficiently. This helps manage travel times as well as improve reporting information from site.

Why do you need it ?

The development of a custom RBA not only adds value to the Business Intellectual Property (IP) but also has the following benefits: 

Total ownership of the platform and data collected

No risk of third party failure affecting the data or performance of the assets

Consolidate all data collected onto a common platform
Manage all variances automatically
Run custom algorithms on the data to suit contractual obligations
Provide concise and custom feedback to the business

The Application

Our experience in development of RBA applications for our clients included:


This defines how data is to be reported and how the reports need to be presented. Multi format (PDF, Excel), automatic email, manual generation options.

Showcase Displays

Some businesses require dynamic large screen displays to showcase asset performance.

Mobile App

Used to present site performance on a mobile app (iOS & Android) and allow engineers to report back into the system.

Workforce Management

 Some of the tasks managed in this module included:

  • Fault Listing and Generation of Tasks and Work Orders
  • Allocation of Engineers to Work Orders
  • Feedback from Sites
  • Updating Work Orders
  • Closing Work Orders and Tasks

If third party tools are required to manage the engineers, integration into the RBA platform can be developed to suit your requirements.

Third Party Data

Some of the larger installations have local superivsory control and data acquisition software (SCADA). This software can be sending data to the RBA platform and is managed in a different way to other hardware data sources.

Data Sources

This includes all hardware that can be sending data back from the sites, such as, Inverters, Pyranometers, Meters, Weather Stations, Solar PV Panel data.

Data Platform

Some clients wish to have their RBA application and data on their local server whilst others prefer to run the entire infrastructure in the cloud.

Database / AE Selection

A critical requirement is to agree on database / Analytical Engine (AE) technology to be used. Many analytical engines are available offering different features such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

How do you do it ?

Development of the RBA platform needs to be managed just like any other software project. As a minimum, the following steps are followed:

Build a detailed Requirement Specification
Agreement of technology and platform for data management
Build a detailed Functional Specification showing all parts of the system and algorithms required
System Design
System Testing and Approvals
Penetration and Security Testing
Go-Live and handover
On-going maintenance and further development process


About Mesh-Net

Mesh-Net have developed RBA solutions for our clients. Our communications, software and hardware design experience allows us to understand and advise clients on the system design, selection process and complete design from conception to Go-Live.

Please chat with us or contact us at to experience the development expertise we have to offer your business.

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