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WiCub is a World First; a small battery-powered device that measures temperature and humidity 24/7, saves the readings and emails them straight to you everyday. If at any time the readings exceed the pre-specified alarm threshold bands, an immediate email alert will be sent so you can take appropriate remedial action.

  • Easy setup: Get up and running within minutes.
  • Small & powerful: Only 50mm x 50mm x 25mm with line of sight range of 200m (650ft).
  • User replaceable battery: 2 x AAAA providing enough power to last more than 18 months.
  • Accurate: Swiss-made sensing component provides reliable, accurate measurements.
  • E-mail reports & alerts: Set your thresholds and get alerted if there is a problem.

World's first battery powered Wi-Fi temperature and humidity sensor:

  • Can used wherever there is an existing Wi-Fi network and unlike Bluetooth there is no need for you to be near the sensor to receive data and alerts.
  • Does not need to be connected to a power source.

Compact design:

  • Easy to install.
  • Non-intrusive.

18 months battery life using AAAA standard batteries:

  • Low running costs.
  • Maintenance free.

15 minute time stamps of the temperature and humidity of the environemnt it is placed in:

  • Gives a record of the environment you are interested in.

Ability to measure temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees Centigrade and humidity between 0 and 100%:

  • Suitable for most residential and industrial applications.

Daily reports sent to your inbox:

  • Gain useful insights of your environment.
  • Gives you a record of environmental changes.

Ability to set thresholds and receive alerts when those thresholds are reached:

  • Enables you to take action if temperature and/or humidity is too high or low.

WiCub Uses:

WiCub Setup and Support:

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